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Cool Citrus Basil Goat Milk Soap- Codependent

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My day would be going great until my child would call with their latest drama and my mood would come crashing down.  I would feel depressed, anxious, and anything I had planned was ruined.  I learned from Celebrate Recovery that I was a Codependent.  My life revolved around whether or not my child was happy, and if not, then I was frantic trying to make it better   Being Codependent ruined many  days for me until I learned how to not allow events out of my control guide my emotions. I started giving the situation to God and allow him to work it out.  In the meantime, i could continue on with my plans and find joy despite the trial. 

Cool Citrus Basil is a lot like that!  The Citrus and the Basil depend on each other to make each other complete.   The light herbal scent of basil mingles with fresh squeezed lime to create a fresh clean scent.  It's my husbands favorite!! It's unique and just fabulous. 

Scent: A clean and fresh scent of just picked garden greens and basil swirled with sparkling lime. 

Bible Verse: 

Ingredients- farm fresh goat milk, Coconut oil, shea butter, hemp seed oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, rice bran oil, RSPO palm oil, soybean oil, lye, fragrance, mica