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Believing in Yourself

Posted by Jennifer Turner on

I have been in the soap making business for over 10 years. It is only this year that I have seen significant growth and success. Why?  I can tell you why.  I didn't believe in myself.  I knew my product was good so that wasn't the problem.  I think I feared failure and rejection if I received a "NO" to my sales proposal to a business.  My products are such an extension of myself and the love of what I create that I took it as a personal rejection.  I thought they would look at my goods and tell me I wasn't professional enough or my labels weren't up to par, or that I just wasn't good enough to have my products in their store.  I wondered if they just didn't like ME. 

But this last summer I hired a business coach who told me that it takes 10 "NO's" to get 1 YES!  And to not take the No as a personal rejection.  So I did exactly what she said and started going out and knocking on doors, so to say. I would carry sample boxes of my products around in my trunk and when I saw a business that I thought my soaps would sell well at, then I would approach the owner/manager.  I got several No's but it didn't take long before I received a Yes!  It helped me to build my strategy and confidence to seek out higher end establishments to sell my products.  Just this week I sought out one of the luxurious hotels in Louisville (rated #1 in KY).  I have never been so nervous going in to meet the manager of the gift shop. But she loved my beautiful goat milk soaps, lotions, and lip balms and gave me an order on the spot!!  So in a couple weeks you will be seeing my products at The Brown Hotel!  This YES, has boosted my confidence that I am good enough to run with the big dogs.....LOL.  It has helped me to believe in myself, and the plan that God has for me.  You see, that hotel gets a ton of guests and visitors.  The names and scriptures that are on each bar of soap may be the avenue that is used to help someone heal emotionally.  They may fall in love with the product and seek out this website, read the blogs, and find connection with someone who shares their pain.  That is what I desire ultimately for my business.  To use it as a vessel to connect with hurting people and lead them to seek out God.

So what is it that you want to accomplish?  Are you afraid to step out in faith? If God is opening a door for you then step through it confidently. He will provide the opportunities if you are willing to be used for His Glory.  Believe in yourself and invest in yourself.  Mindset is everything in this journey.   God Bless


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