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Luxurious Goat Milk Face Cream

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The worries and stresses of the day can easily show up on our faces. Dull and dry skin can make us look years older than we are. My moisturizing goat milk cream can help restore you to a more youthful appearance with daily use. Goat milk is loaded with Vitamin A which helps smooth wrinkles, protects against UV damage, and encourages healthy skin production. Selenium, also in goat milk, protects cells from free radicals, and helps fight skin infection. If those weren't reasons enough, the cream in the milk helps to moisturize deeply.  Plant oils of coconut oil, and horsetail butter, which has antibacterial properties and are beneficial in use for people with acne, and plantain oil which is soothing to irritated, cracked skin. This face cream has replaced many of my customer's high priced skin routines.  It is affordable, all natural, toxin free, and gives you so much more than just a moisturizer.  Paraben and phthalates  free. Put the glow back into your face with this Luxurious Goat Milk Face Cream!  Comes in a 2 oz glass jar with an inner seal, and is available unscented and in 3 scents of essential oils which are also known to benefit the skin. Now available with Retinol to aid in collagen production helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ingredients: farm fresh goat milk, filtered rain water, handmade hydrosol (lavender,rose,and calendula),  shea butter, coconut oil, horsetail butter, h e m p seed oil, cocoa butter, calendula oil, chamomile oil, plantain oil, goldenrod oil, rose hip seed oil, Vitamin E, tea tree oil, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, Optiphen, essential oil.