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Erin's story

Posted by Jennifer Turner on

Erin was brought up in the best of families. She had great parents and raised in church. Erin started feeling very self conscious about herself in her mid teens making her feel like she didn't fit in. That's when she found alcohol was her new best friend and she loved how it made her feel.  Problem was that she drank so heavily that she had to be taken to the hospital more than once with alcohol poisoning.  She never could control her intake of booze resulting in black outs. 

As an adult Erin tried to attend college but was thrown out due to her drinking.  She developed a relationship with a military man and moved out of state to be with him. Once he was deployed that left her alone to drink away her worries and loneliness.  There wasn't a day that went by where she didn't have to have a drink to get out of the bed or to go to sleep. A DUI should have been a warning bell but instead Erin just kept on her drinking path, unable to stop and trying her best to keep it a secret. 

After she moved back home to be near family everything came crashing down.  She had gotten a great job and a nice apartment. But she continued to drink to the point of passing out nightly. She was fired from her job, and her parents found out what was going on. They dished out some tough love and told her that she could no longer come around the family for the upcoming holidays, and confiscated her car that was in their name. That broke Erin's heart, because she loved her family so much. Her health was failing and she knew she was within weeks of dying.  She made the decision to just drink herself to death, but somehow in a moment of clarity called her parents and told them to please come pick her up and take her The Healing Place for treatment.  Her parents were at nail biting ballgame at the time but they willingly came to her rescue. 

Erin stayed at the Healing Place for 15 months getting sober and learning about her character defects. That was in 2013. She now has renewed relationships with all of her family, has married, and has 2 wonderful children. She works at the Healing Place and loves helping others. Her wonderful smile lights up the room wherever she goes.  She is a story of victory over addiction. And she fully admits that her recovery started with the tough love of her parents.  I've been there myself.  It is the most heartbreaking moment when you have to turn your child away in order to try to save them.  But thankfully Erin was restored to full health and happiness, and relationships with God and her family.  Restore is named after Erin's journey, and Peppermint Patchouli is her scent for the soap. 



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