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Gift set ideas

Posted by Jennifer Turner on

The year 2020 has been crazy and I have found the best way for me to deal with it is to stay away from the news and keep busy on the farm.  Distraction is a great way to help me from getting overwhelmed by events in our community. There's always plenty of work on a farm in the summer! Harvesting lavender, rosemary, calendula, and mints for my soap making has been keeping me very busy! Our garden has been producing in abundance and we have been canning all that summer goodness for the winter months.  I love to make jams from our berries and give them to family and friends in gift sets nestled in a cute box with cookie mix, biscuits, and herbal teas also made from our farm. 

The holiday season  will look very different this year. No craft fairs, bazaars, or black Friday door busters. Between the fears of Covid, riots, crime, and social distancing, many will choose to seek out local businesses or shop online to fulfill their shopping list.  I know I plan on supporting my local artisans by purchasing items for my gift giving! My goal is to be prepared for my community to help them give heartfelt quality gifts to their loved ones. I am stocking up on supplies and making plenty of goat milk soaps so they will be ready for the holidays.  Most people enjoy gifts of the heart.  That's why I am excited to create an assortment of gift sets with different price points featuring Soap Addiction products! 

Here's some ideas: 


Unicorn kid box-  featuring a a fun Unicorn goat milk soap, some fizzy bath bombs, and a fruity lip balm.  Kids love fruity and sweet smelling stuff that lets them have fun in their bathing routin

Ultimate face set- a complete face care set with a Rose clay face mask, Sea clay and Spinach face mask, Tussah silk face soap, luxurious face cream, and a moisturizing lip balm!  This lets you completely care for your entire face!

Men's face set will have essentially the same items as the Deluxe face set except I will swap out the clay mask for a shave bar. 

Skin Glow gift set- all about exfoliation and shining up!  It will have a Sugar Polish, a Luffa Soap, a Goat milk soap in a exfoliating soap pouch, and a Rose Clay face mask.  All these are geared to help remove old dry skin for new healthy skin to grow. 

Stock Up gift set-  will feature 8 goat milk soaps and 1 exfoliating soap pouch. 

And of course I will keep my "I love you" gift set that has been on my website for the last 6 months.  It features 2 goat milk soaps, 1 face soap, 1 sugar polish, 4 oz goat milk body lotion, 2 oz face cream, lip balm, and an exfoliating soap pouch. (BEST SELLER). 

What do you all think?  Should I add any thing different or have other options?  I would love to hear what YOU want!!  And please check me out when you are looking for gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, or Anniversaries.  Thank you for taking the time to help me be a better business!


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  • Hey! We meet about a year ago at a Saving Sunny event. You had your tent set up, I purchased soap from u that day, and honestly have been using it ever since! It cleared up this scaly rash I had at the time on my chest! I had tried 3-4 diff creams from dermatologist and nothing worked, until I gave your soap a try! I can’t go without it b/c the rash comes back every time I have ran out and not had it!
    I do have a spot on my foot, its about the size of a quarter…I think its maybe eczema. Can’t seem to get it to heal, was wondering if you had anything u would suggest I try.
    Thank you so much for what u do and what u make!!
    Chassey Loftis

    Chassey Loftis/ Nathan Loftis on

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