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Living in Peace during tribulation

Posted by Jennifer Turner on

I try not to watch the news these days.  It was bad before the Corona Virus but now it is just torture to watch.  I've been here before.  Worry and fear filling my every thought about how my addicted child was.  Were they dead or alive, cold or hungry, or being somewhere in between?  Fear can consume us, just like the worrisome news on the media.  Fear gets a hold of us and causes panic, stress, and  worry.  Please don't let it!   We have things that we can do to help ourselves and others during this tribulation.  If I am going to be quarantined to my house I can't put my focus on what I can't control, but rather what I can.  

First of all I can pray!  I lift up my concerns to God Almighty and give him the control over this pandemic.  I pray with so many others for our vulnerable and at risk population.  Our parents, our children and grandchildren, our healthcare workers ( me being one of them), our businesses, and our unity of our nation are top on my list.  I lift up all of you and your family as a whole to be covered with God's protection.  He is the one that calms the storms and has ultimate control over all things. So lay it down at His feet and let God's glory be manifested.

But we have to do our part too by staying away from others.   This is sometimes very difficult for our elderly because they aren't connected with social media as much.  They can't have visitors in the nursing homes or in hospitals.  They can't attend churches or senior citizen functions.  They are isolated. So something you can do to help them is to write a bunch of encouraging cards to the residents in your community nursing home or neighbors and drop them off.  That's what I am going to do!  Together with my grandchildren, we are going to put a small bar of soap in a card and  drop them off to them.  This will help them feel cared for in many ways, and show my grandchildren how to look out for others during these times.  It's important to reach out to our community and show love!

I'm also taking this time to go through closets and drawers to clean out years of stashed junk.  Decluttering my life helps me to feel fresh and less anxious.  I don't know why I hold onto things from 10 years ago!   If I didn't want them then why would I want them now.  Gone!

I am trying new recipes and finding meats buried deep in my freezer to use up and get rid of.  Sometimes it becomes dog food, but that's ok. It's still cleaning it out which was much needed. 

My guitar has also seen a little more action lately too.  Not much but some so that is always nice.  Maybe it's time for you to brush the dust off your old instrument and remember the joy you had playing it.   

So what are you doing to deal with the madness in the world right now?  Are you glued to your TV for the latest updates or are you choosing to put your focus onto something else?  I hope it is the latter!  You do have a choice!!  Say a prayer and give it to God and then go about living life with joy despite the chaos.  Of course a nice long soak in the tub is always able to help me feel better about just about everything.  Maybe you should give that a try too!  God Bless,  Jennifer



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