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Spring Additions

Posted by Jennifer Turner on

It’s been forever since I’ve posted a blog. What can I say! I blink and months have gone by. I’m sure you know that feeling. The farm is multiplying by leaps and bounds. We had 11 baby goats born in 11 days. Unfortunately we lost our oldest nanny, Doris, suddenly leaving triplet girls orphaned. Thankfully we have been able to bottle feed them and become their parents. It is fun and entertaining to watch them feed wagging their little tails the whole time. Feeding them every 4 hours in the beginning was challenging especially when it was really cold or late at night. Now, it’s only 3 feedings a day and it’s staying warmer. I just love spring time and the blooming of everything. The lush grass is a welcome addition to our hay for feeding all our farm animals.  Just like all our groceries for people, livestock grain has skyrocketed. It definitely impacts our decisions on how many animals to keep. But for now we are enjoying warm temps, blossoming trees, and a season of multiple farmers markets. 

Speaking of markets I have several new scents I am working on for the upcoming season! Coconut lime verbena, Cozy coconut, blueberry lemon, and bergamot grapefruit! All of these amazing goat milk soaps smell like a trip through the tropics. And yes, I will be making more of the coconut pineapple and tropical beach as well.  I look forward to catching up with you all as we chat around the table at the farmers market. Keep watch on my facebook page for dates and locations. It’s the most economical and tantalizing way to experience all that Soap Addiction has to offer.  Hope to see you soon!!  Jennifer 


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