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Recovery Soap Collection

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All of us are recovering from something. Things like grief, anxiety, control, abuse, overeating, and even addiction to technology or pornography can devastate our lives and cause us to live in fear and shame.  Also behaviors of enabling and codependency, like what I suffered with, can rob you of having true joy in your life. Without a plan and tools to break free of our hurt, habit, or hang-up, then we just continue spiraling down the same painful path. This Recovery Soap Collection is the perfect way to introduce someone to the 12 steps that are needed to connect to God and allow Him to heal you. Each of the soaps are named after the action needed for that step. Soap #1 is Admit- you have to admit there is a problem and that you are powerless to fix it, and so on. There is a Bible verse on each label that corresponds with that step.  As you or your loved one progresses through the 12 steps you get to experience a different scent with each step that will help you to focus deeply on those needed actions.  Relaxing in a bath and using your soothing goat milk soap will help you to reflect, meditate, and let go of pent up feelings.  Taking care of yourself or encouraging your loved one to invest energy into their recovery is something that I wish I had encountered in my journey.  Whatever this Recovery Soap collection is used for, the recipient knows they matter, and are loved.  

There is a 13th soap, Hope, added because it is one of the most important desires to possess to begin this recovery journey.  Hope is what kept me going when things were at their worst.  So I felt Hope just had to go into this Recovery Soap Collection. 

There is also a sisal fiber soap pouch to help you use your soap to the very end. 

Here's the details:

Step 1. Admit- Citrus Fresh

Step 2. Faith in God- Lavender Patchouli

Step 3.  Commit your will to God- Vanilla Cream

Step 4.  Inventory- clean cotton

Step 5.  Confess your wrongs - Sandalwood Patchouli

Step 6.  Humility- Spearmint Eucalyptus

Step 7.  Purify- Lemongrass Charcoal

Step 8.  Amends- Oatmeal milk and honey 

Step 9. Reconcile- Lavender

Step 10.  Inventory (again!)- Oakmoss Sandalwood 

Step 11. Prayer/Meditate- White Tea Ginger

Step 12. Enlighten/Give back- Black Raspberry Vanilla

Bonus #13 Soap- Hope- Spearmint, Lemon, Vanilla