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Ultimate Face Care Set

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This complete face care set will give you a spa treatment without going to the spa! Everything you need to nourish,  detox, and moisturize even the most problematic skin!  Included is a Tussah Silk and Charcoal Facial Soap to wash sensitive skin gently.  The set also includes both the Sea Clay and Spinach Face Mask and the Rose Clay Face Mask, to nourish, exfoliate, and tone your face.  The Luxurious Face Cream tops off any routine by itself or used after removing clay mask. You won't believe how soft your face is! But you can't forget your lips! Also included is a Moisturizing Lip Balm that quenches the driest lips without stickiness.   You will notice a huge difference in the firmness and health of your skin!! All this for a fraction of the cost compared with facial sets from elite beauty stores.