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Cherry Almond Goat Milk Soap- Honesty

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Being honest is sometimes very difficult. Like when someone asks you how they look and you hold back on what you really think because you don't want to hurt their feelings then that can be a little "white lie". But being honest with ourselves can be more difficult because it makes us face aspects of ourselves that maybe we don't like or we need to change.  In order to have positive change you have to be totally honest with yourself and make a choice to turn away from whatever it is that dishonors God. 

That's where Cherry Almond Goat Milk Soap, Honesty, enters the picture. Lay back in a relaxing bath and let the amazing scent of cherries and almonds help you to unwind and reflect on self-evaluation. Clearing the mind can help you to focus on positive steps to create the person you want to become.  The soft and silky feel of the goat milk soap helps your skin to feel nourished, fresh, clean, and moisturized. You are important and you are worth investing time and energy on becoming a better you! A little Honesty does the body good!

Scent: A classic blend of sweet cherries with roasted almonds, and caramelized sugar.

Ingredients: Farm fresh goat milk, Non-GMO Coconut oil, RSPO palm oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Shea butter, Hemp seed oil, Rice bran oil, cocoa butter, soybean oil, lye, mica