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Lavender Goat Milk Soap- Peace

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Is it possible to have peace even while you are in tribulation?  Absolutely!  I know first hand it is possible.  The secret is simple. Give it to God and let it go. Pray for God to give you peace.  It is difficult to do at first, but as God proves himself over and over then you realize that it really is just that  simple. 

This lavender goat milk soap will also help you to find peace and release anxiety.  Lavender essential oil has been known for it's calming effects on emotions as well as soothing to the skin. Goat Milk is fabulous for helping us to have healthy skin, and combined with lavender it is one of my most beneficial soaps. Definitely a top seller! 

Ingredients: farm fresh goat milk,  coconut oil, shea butter,  olive oil,  cocoa butter, RSPO palm oil, rice bran oil,  h e m p seed oil, vegetable oil,  mica, lavender essential oil