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Resources for Help

I tried so many times to coerce my child into rehab and it never was effective until THEY decided they were sick and tired of being in that lifestyle. When my child was ready to get help I took them to The Healing Place in Louisville, KY.  There they were able to get the help they needed and work a program that changed their life.  If you or your loved one needs help go to:  Another great place is   Both of these programs are free and effective. Once they are done with the program they need to get into a program to help hold them accountable and give them the support they need.  Celebrate Recovery offers a Bible based 12 step program to continue on the journey of healing.  This program is also wonderful for the families dealing with addiction to deal with the hurt, and behaviors, like enabling that contribute to the problem.  This is a recovery program I have served at the past 2 years. It serves the community we live in and around the world.  It gave me a community of other people to walk beside me on my journey of healing. 
Addiction to social media and technology are also of increasing impact on our society.  If you need help with setting boundaries then reach out to