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Blackberry Magnolia Goat Milk Soap - Care

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Who really cares? Isn't that a question we ask ourselves when we are burdened with trials of life? Sometimes it is easier to tell ourselves that nobody really cares anyway so why tell anyone about our struggles.  But the truth is that those who love you really do care! Even if they can't do anything about what you are going through they still care about your pain.  Letting people into the dark places of life  allows them the opportunity to lift you up emotionally and spiritually.  It connects you to those around you.  

This Blackberry Magnolia soap is lovingly called CARE.  It is a wonderful bar with white body and gentle purple peaks on the top.  The scent is subtle sweet blackberries, sugar cane, and magnolia.  It's a wonderful way to show someone you care, or show yourself some TLC!

Galatians 6:2 Carry each other's burdens and so you  will fulfill the law of Christ. 

Ingredients: farm fresh raw goat milk, coconut oil, RSPO palm oil, Shea butter, h e m p seed oil, rice bran oil, cocoa butter, fragrance, lye, mica