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Cedarwood Sage Eucalyptus Goat Milk Soap- Trust

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It takes a very long time to restore trust once it has been broken.  Addicts are very good at manipulating your emotions to get what they want, and often times, they right out lie to you.  During the recovery process it is important to rebuild the trust that creates a strong bond. It takes a long time, and trust has to be earned, not assumed.  It is a wonderful feeling though to trust each other with your true feelings, thoughts, and concerns. 

This newest goat milk soap is named Trust. The cedarwood sage eucalyptus scent is fresh, purifying, and long lasting.  Cedarwood is woodsy and helps with focus, while the sage  is great for clearing negative energy. Eucalyptus promotes awareness and is a great disinfectant.  You won't lose any trust with this fabulous me!!