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Cotton Eucalyptus goat milk soap - Affirmation

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We all need to hear words of affirmation from time to time. A good habit is to tell yourself positive words to develop a better self image and outlook for your future. When life keeps hitting you from all sides it’s easy to get down cast and feel negative. But you will find a few kind words from someone that help you see your self worth goes a long way. A famous movie says it best “ you is smart, you is kind, you is beautiful “.   This wonderful goat milk soap scented with cotton eucalyptus will help you to feel special too. You will love the fresh clean scent and the speckled colorful bar. It’s a wonderful way to affirm good things for yourself or someone who needs to hear it!

ingredients: farm fresh goat milk, coconut oil, shea butter, h e m p seed oil, cocoa butter, rice bran oil, repo palm oil, soybean oil, lye, mica,fragrance