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Goat Milk Shampoo Bar

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This bar has everything except a bottle to go in the landfill! And no messy leaks in your suitcase when traveling! Goat milk is loaded with Vitamins and minerals to feed your hair. Olive oil,  Cocoa butter,  and Organic Castor oil helps hair growth and thickness.  Tussah silk adds protein.  The Rosemary and Lavender essential oils aid in rejuvenating and brightening hair.  Nourishes your hair and removes dirt without adding toxins! What else could you ask for in this handmade goat milk soap?  AND if desired it can be used on your entire body!  Some people need to adjust the PH of their hair after washing to avoid fly-away hair so if you find your hair is frizzy then mist your hair with a apple cider vinegar and water solution after rinsing.  The vinegar smell goes away when dry.