Hydrating Rose Clay Mask

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Clay masks have been used for centuries to detox and tone impaired skin. Spas regularly use clay masks in their regimens for good reason.  Now you can get a spa experience right at home. Rose clay is gentle and great for all skin types.  It helps tone, cleanse, exfoliate,  and nourish sensitive facial tissues.  This creamy lotion-like mask goes on smoothly and feels invigorating when it's on. Leave on 10-15 minutes, then simply wipe off with a warm wash cloth.  Your skin will look firmer and feel hydrated! Rose hip seed  oil and chamomile oil helps to reduce redness and pores size. This rose clay mask pairs well with our charcoal and Tussah silk face soap. Complete your skin routine with our moisturizing goat milk face cream.  I know you will notice and I bet other's will notice a more youthful look on you as well.    4 oz jar