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Lavender Rose, and Yarrow Hydrosol Face Mist

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What is a hydrosol?  Amazing that's what it is! They are suspensions of essential oils and water-soluble components obtained from steam distillation of plants and herbs.  Skin loving plants like lavender, rose, yarrow, and calendula, to name a few, are distilled from plants grown on our own Turner Farms, free of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and herbicides.  The hand plucked flowers are gathered during peak of blooming, and used to create small batches of "floral water".   Hydrosol are approximately 30 times stronger than herbal teas, yet gentler than essential oils. 

Hydrosol is wonderful for freshner, toner, and nourishing mist for your face!  Helps to reduce redness, and nasty bacteria that can stick to sweat and make up.  The fragrance is all natural from whatever plants are used.  No preservatives or dilutions are used!!

comes in a 2 oz glass misting bottle

Ingredients: handmade, small batch hydrosol of rose, lavender, and yarrow.

lavender- natural antibacterial and anti fungal,  reduces stress by calming

Rose- natural antioxidants reducing environmental damage, anti-inflammatory

Yarrow- helps with acne, redness, and helps to tone skin