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Lavender & Rose Herbal Milk Bath

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For centuries both women and men have used nature to keep their skin looking smooth, vibrant, and glowing.  One way to do that is to harness those natural herbs and add them to a long soaking bath.  That way you are helping your skin look and feel it's best,  as well as relaxing your mind. 

Plants grown on our own farm, free of all pesticides, herbicides, and commercial fertilizers are gathered and dried.  Flowers from heirloom roses, calendula, lavender, plantain, and comfrey are highly nourishing and are known to soothe and nourish irritated tissues.  Unpasteurized Goat milk from our own dairy goats is freeze dried and blended with the dried herbs.  Epsom salts are also added in small quantities to help relax stiff muscles.  Rose and Lavender essential oil is added for an amazing aromatherapy experience. 

 Add a few scoops of this milk and herb blend directly to your bath water or into a large tea bag (included) and toss into bath water.  Squeeze the tea bag several times during your bath to help infuse your bath water with the herbal tea.  Discard used tea bag after bath.  Comes in an 8 oz plastic, locking lid container with a wooden scoop and 6 large biodegradable tea bags.