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Sandalwood Patchouli Goat Milk Soap- Confess

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Confiding in someone you trust about the things that you have done wrong can be very freeing. Getting it off your chest and discarding it helps to relieve negative feeling about past wrongs. Choose a trusted person like a sponsor or accountability partner to reveal personal information to, and be open to hear what they may have to say about it.

This step #5 Confess is scented with a decadent woodsy scent of Sandalwood Patchouli. Both men and women love the rich, deep aroma and combination of the sandalwood and the herbal patchouli.  It beckons you to take the time to be honest with yourself and someone else about past wrongs, thus freeing you of that negative baggage.  Try a bar today or get a bar in my Recovery Soap Collection to help work through those 12 steps.