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Thousand Wishes Goat Milk Soap-Endure

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I can't tell you how many times I wished I had done this or that and things would be different in my life. I guess some may call that regret. I do wish I would have recognized my child's addiction before it got so out of control.  I wish my child had never tried them to begin with.  So many wishes, at least a thousand I would say. Sometimes wishes do come true though. Mine did! My child is sober!!

This colorful goat milk soap is scented with A Thousand Wishes fragrance,  reminiscent of fresh apples mingled with honey and vanilla.  The pearlescent magic soap ball nest on the top. This fragrance is a favorite among young women, or just those young at heart! It won't tell your fortune but I'm confident it will make at least one wish come true!  Don't all of us wish for softer skin. This moisturizing soap will definitely do that!