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Tropical Beach Goat Milk Soap-Respect

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Respect is one of the most cherished qualities that most people desire. An addict rarely shows respect for anyone or anything partly because they don't respect themselves.  As the addict recovers they learn to earn and give respect.  And the more they give, the more respect they receive which quickly builds their self worth. 

This Tropical Beach goat milk soap also demands respect! It's blended colors of blue and orange reminds you of a beautiful sunset. The hand painted flamingo sits on top completing this paradise scene.  The scent is magnificent with coconut,  pineapple,  lychee blossoms,  and sugar cane. It is a perfect way to experience vacation everyday! Of course this nutrient packed soap is loaded with Vitamin A,  selenium and minerals, and cream. Your soft skin will be ready for showing off!  Pairs well with Coconut Pineapple soap, or Beach!!

Ingredients: farm fresh goat milk,  coconut oil,  shea butter,  olive oil,  cocoa butter,  h e m p seed oil, palm oil, rice bran oil,  soybean oil,  mica, fragrance