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Who's in control of this rodeo?

Posted by Jennifer Turner on

I am in control of my destiny......right? I mean, surely I can make each day be what I want it to be.  I'm my own boss and the decision maker for my life after all!  But yet, the older I get the more I realize that I don't have control over much of anything.  Yes, I make plans to do this or that, but so often events interject into my day that sabotage my plans, leaving me feeling defeated. 

Let's take what's going on in the world today, the awful Covid-19.  It has taken away many of my sources of income ( no craft shows, gift shops closed, farmer's markets limited), reducing my "planned" budget.  The restrictions of isolation has cancelled all my travel plans, birthday celebrations, baby showers, and even the joy of going to church to fellowship with other believers.   The plans I had to upholster my dining room chairs is put on hold because I can't even buy fabric to do the job.  I mean, this Covid-19 thing has really taken away so much of my plans for my day, my week, and future months!  I could sit here and be angry, and frustrated about it, and maybe even feel sorry for myself.  But maturity has taught me that there are always blessings in disguise and new opportunities to adjust my plans and make lemonade with the lemons handed me!

First of all, the canceling of all my plans has given me more time.  I have literally complained about not having time to do this or that for at least 10 years!  I envy people who have time on their hands to pursue other things than the "to do list".  I have been making less soap because the only avenue I have to sell it is through the 2 grocery stores I supply, and through online sales.  But spending less time making products has freed up time to do other things, like refinish some furniture I have been wanting to do.  And play more on my guitar, and tear out the 20 year old carpet in the spare bedrooms, and clean out closets of years of accumulated junk!  I've had more time to sit on our porch and enjoy sunsets, and more time to cook ( which I love to do).   I've had more time to call people on the phone and just chat with them.  And get soaps labeled to be donated to the nursing homes.  These are just of a few of the benefits of a slowed down life! The blessings in disguise!  I bet you can find similar blessings if you look at your own situation.

Secondly, I am seeing our community come together to support one another and be creative on ways to encourage and provide for their needs.  Everything from messages in windows, delivery services, free online concerts, free food for healthcare workers ( yes, I've enjoyed my free Krispy Kreme doughnuts!), and people stepping up to make mask, headbands, and meals for families.  Me and my husband have been somewhat of preppers for many years and I have enjoyed sharing bread flour, yeast, eggs, and  bags of pasta with other families in need.  After all, isn't that what being prepared is about?  It is an awesome feeling to take what we have stored and use it to fill a need of someone.  I love seeing how people are using their extra time to actually connect with their neighbors and community by seeking out a need and filling it!

Lastly, I think our entire world will have a different outlook about life when this is all over.  Appreciation for the job our teachers do, our doctors and nurses do, and even our grocery store workers and truck drivers.  We all need each other! We are all part of a big team and when one part is injured the entire system can come crashing down.  We need everyone to do our part to help one another and create a world of harmony for the future.  Even God commands us to love our neighbor as our self.  If we all start doing a little more of this then WOW, I can't even imagine how much of a better place our world will be.  We will appreciate the simple things like eating in restaurants, going camping and to the parks, visiting the nursing homes, going to church, school, and work, and having family reunions.  These are all just a fraction of the events we will appreciate going forward. What are some of the things you are looking forward to getting back to?  I know I can't wait to hug my grandkids and my parents.  Those are things I never thought I wouldn't be able to do. I can't wait to go to work in the hospital without garbing up in a gown, mask, and gloves. To just breathe and see everyone's face!  

Although you may feel you don't have any control over what is going on in your life (and many things you don't), You do have the ability to respond in a positive way.  Step back, and look at the situation, and choose what you will gain from this experience.  I learned the hard way back when I was constantly trying to "fix" my addicted child's life that I had no control over what someone else did.  But I do have control over how I am going to let it effect my life.  I also learned that God is in control and if I truly trust in Him, then it's all gonna be ok.  That gives me a peace to just hang on and enjoy the ride, and allow the joy of the day to fill my life, despite the circumstances.  I hope you can do this as well.  God Bless!! Jennifer


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