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If we go, they may die!

Posted by Jennifer Turner on

Many years ago my husband and I were faced with a decision. The choice was to go on a long planned and much deserved vacation or stay home because of the constant needs of our addicted child. We were faced with difficult decision.

We got a call saying that our son was in the hospital and had been resuscitated due to an overdose. We rushed to the hospital to see our son laying in the bed, in and out of consciousness, but able to say he didn't do anything.  Our heart broke to see him like that and we knew he needed help, but he refused any help.  The doctor was brutally honest with us as he told us our son had a drug addiction problem and there wasn't anything they could do for him if he refused treatment.  We left that hospital unsure of what to do next.  We were to leave on a cruise in 2 days and we needed it so bad.  We were so drained.  But if we leave then what if our child overdoses again?  What if they need us and we can't be reached? So many feelings flooded our minds.  But as we sat in the car in that hospital parking lot, we looked at each other and decided that we needed this vacation for us!  We needed to rejuvenate, and refresh ourselves for our own sake as well as for each other.  So we choose to leave it in God's hands and go on that much needed cruise, away from distractions and cell phones, away from calls for money, transportation, or jail bond.  We choose to put our needs first and the needs of our marriage.  We knew that whatever may happen while we were gone was going to happen regardless if we were there or not.   The one thing that happened next was life changing.  We both promised each other not to talk about any of our children, chores, "to do" list, or anything that took our mind away from where we were right then.  It was hard to do at first.  We had gotten so used to discussing all the woes of different family issues that weighed heavy on our hearts during our down time.  Not talking about those issues allowed us to open up about our future, our dreams and aspirations, and enjoy us.  It was the first time in many years where we put us before our children and allowed ourselves to experience our relationship as God intended it to be.  If it weren't for my best friend, my husband, then I would never have been able to have gotten through this ordeal with our drug addicted children.  To this day, we have a standing rule that we never bring up our children's issues, or anything regarding work when we are on vacation!! 

The moral of this story is that you have to take a step back and take care of yourself, your needs, the needs of your spouse and other family members.  It is so easy to get wrapped up into taking care of someone that it defines who we are. It's not supposed to be like that. So take time for yourself, your spouse, your other children, and joys of this life.   Allow God to take the helm!!

That is why this goat milk soap, Coconut Pineapple, is named Clarity.  Every time I see the tropical colors and the sweet pineapples then I am reminded of vacation memories where we were able to take care of ourselves and release the burdens of life.  Clearing my mind on the beaches, watching the magnitude of the ocean, or the taking in  the beauty of massive forest, helps to clear my mind bringing Clarity. When I allow myself to sit and bask in God's goodness I am reminded of His promises to always be with me and take care of me. God will take care of you as well so bring Clarity into your life. 


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