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The meaning behind my logo

Posted by Jennifer Turner on

Last year I took a huge step to grow my business by hiring a business coach.  It was very eye opening to discover that the problem wasn't with having a quality product, but rather my approach on how to get my message out.  What was my message?  How did I want my product to connect with others? I knew I wanted to associate the literal process of getting clean with the concept of an addict getting clean. So I made the choice to change the name of my soap company from Bah Bah Skin Care to what it is today, Soap Addiction.  I've had some customers tell me that they liked my old one better, and that's ok. But then I explain my "why", and they completely understand and support my mission.  You can read about the name change on my previous blog "Why the name change" if you want to hear more about that.

With the new name I needed to create a new logo. If you have ever had to do that then you know it can be a little scary.  What can I use to represent my message?  And then it came together! So in my logo, there are 4 people, with their arms raised.  The four people are my 4 children with arms raised in victory from overcoming the battles of addiction.  Now, not all 4 of my children were addicts, but some, like me, were codependent and enablers which can be it's own demon of destruction.   Each one of my children have been victorious over addiction, enabling, codependency, and even anxiety.  It's a constant battle that requires for us all to depend on each other for support and understanding, hence the 4 people being in one circle, united.   The 4 people are light showing they are being released from the darkness.  That darkness is a suffocating evil that takes away every dream you  ever had for your family if you succumb to it.  And the four people are going outward to use their experiences of addiction to help others fighting that battle.  The smaller circles around the people are bubbles to represent the getting clean.  Not just physically clean but getting clean from that "thing" that causes pain, fear, and dependence in your life.  It can be drugs, but it can also be anxiety, worry, control, abuse, food issues, suicide, grief, and depression.  There are many chains that lock us away in prisons within our own mind.  My logo represents FREEDOM, UNITY, AND PRAISE!  That is why the 4 people have their arms raised, to praise God for rescuing them from a destructive lifestyle.  I give God the glory everyday for the life I have now and being able to watch my children live the life of sobriety and peace.  I never take it for granted because I know relapse can always knock at the door.  But I know I serve an awesome God who shows up and restores when all else seems hopeless.  He heals the broken. 

So the next time you see my logo I hope that you will understand my message and my mission a little clearer.  I ask that you would pray for all the hurting families out there in the world who have their children gone astray and living a drug addicted life.  Most of those parents are just like me, who raised their children in loving homes and in churches, but Satan got his talons in them and wants them for his own.  So say a prayer for those families.  I pray over my product and ask God to bless my business so I can use it to connect with more families hurting from addiction.  I know all to well the grief of going through that, but I also know the immense peace, love, and gratitude I have to God for healing my family and giving me my children back.  God Bless,  Jennifer


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